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The South Indian Sugarcane & Sugar Technologists’ Association (SISSTA) was founded in July1967. Shri H.V.R.Iyengar,, Retired Governor of Reserve Bank of India and the then Chairman of E.I.D Group, inaugurated the South Indian Sugarcane & Sugar Technologists Association on 8th July, 1967. Shri D.C.Kothari,, the well known industrialist was the first President of SISSTA.

SISSTA gratefully recalls the indefatigable efforts of Sri. G.Ramachandran of Aska Sugars, quite defying the diminutive physical stature he was endowed with. He was the founder Secretary.

The South Indian Sugar Mills Association (SISMA) has given its blessings and finance to SISSTA initially. SISSTA was helped by eminent industrialists, like….

  1. Shri D.C. Kothari,
  2. Shri S.K.Somaiya,
  3. Shri H.C.Kothari,
  4. Shri J.S.Prabhu,
  5. Shri V.S.Tyagaraja Mudaliar
  6. Shri Laljibhai D. Hindocha
  7. Shri N.Mahalingam
  8. Shri M.Harishchandra Prasad
  9. Shri P.Maruthai Pillai,
  10. Shri V.M.Rao

SISSTA registered in 1968 under the Societies Registration Act had its Administrative and Registered Office in a rented Building upto Nov-92. SISSTA could purchase its own building at 49, Third Main Road, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai – 600 020 during 1992 December. A flat adjoining was purchased during May-2005. Both the buildings were combined to house the Administrative and Registered Office.

SISSTA’s area of operation extends over the states of Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Orissa, Pondicherry Kerala and Goa. The activities have been stepped up in course of time and today it has 3300+ Life Members including 107 Corporate Members all over the country.


The following luminaries have been patrons of SISSTA in the past

  1. Shri Laljibhai D. Hindocha
  2. Shri V.S. Thyagaraja Mudaliar
  3. Shri J.S. Parbhu
  4. Shri D.C. Kothari
  5. Shri H.C. Kothari
  6. Shri P.D. Kothari
  7. Shri N. Mahalingam
  8. Shri M. Harischandra Prasad
  9. Shri P. Maruthai Pillai
  10. Shri V.M. Rao
  11. Shri B.B. Ramiah
  12. Shri Mahavir Prasad R. Morarka
  13. Shri Shivjibhal H. Suchde
  14. Shri T.K.M. Kailasam Pillai
  15. Shri S.K. Somaiya
  16. Shri B.L. Chakradeo
  17. Shri T.S. Chintamani
  18. Shri John K. John

M/s. Simbhaoli Sugars Ltd., M/s. Sakthi Sugars Ltd., M/s. Thiru Arooran Sugars Ltd., M/s. Nava Bharat Ventures Ltd., M/s. Uttam Industrial Engg. Ltd., M/s. Delta Sugars Ltd., M/s. Madhucon Sugar & Power Inds. Ltd., M/s. Fives Cail – KCP Ltd., M/s. S.S. Engineers and M/s. Ulka Industries Ltd., have all become Patron Members of SISSTA recently.


  1. Shri D.C. Kothari
  2. Shri S.N. Lal
  3. Shri V.M. Rao
  4. Shri H.C. Kothari
  5. Shri A.L. Hindocha
  6. Shri Mydur Anand
  7. Shri A.P. Chinnaswamy
  8. Dr.K. Perumal
  9. Shri N.V. Varadarajulu
  10. Dr.K.S. Thirumalaiswamy
  11. Shri T.V. Oblichetty
  12. Shri R. Sudhakar Choudary
  13. Shri A. Ramamoorthy
  14. Shri G. Soma Reddy
  15. Shri A.D.L. Prasad
  16. Shri M. Ramalingam
  17. Shri B. Rame Gowda
  18. Shri T.C.S. Reddy and
  19. Shri A.V.R. Reddy
  20. Shri R.V. Vatnal

Their contributions are gratefully acknowledged. Shri N. Prabhakar is the President of the Association now. Shri K.G. Jayakumar has appointed as Hony. Secretary.


The objects of the Association are as follows:

  1. To promote knowledge of science and practice of sugar technology for persons following or studying for the profession and other kindred branches of science.
  2. To achieve these objectives, there is a Research Committee under the chairmanship of the President consisting of member technologists and the problems received from the sugar mills are solved in various already established research laboratories. The Association act as a coordination body and supplies necessary technical knowhow to the needy sugar factories.
  3. To carry out or sponsor schemes of research relating to sugar industry and allied fields.
  4. To serve as an authoritative professional body on all matters pertaining to the Profession of sugar technology and allied fields.
  5. To print, publish and circulate papers, books, journals and other technical and scientific literature and matters connected with the sugar industry.
  6. To look after the interest of the members of the Association, to bring about a standard of professional etiquette, and to strive for general betterment of their knowledge.
  7. To provide opportunities for exchange of knowledge amongst the members of the profession and to create facilities for reading papers and delivering of lectures on subjects interesting to the profession and for the acquisition and dissemination of information connected with and useful to the profession by holding scientific discourses, conventions, seminars or symposia and other means of information connected with and useful to the profession.


The main functions of the association are:

  1. To undertake, carry on and help research and other scientific studies in connection with the Sugar and allied Industries including cane cultivation, factory technology and allied disciplines such as paper, distillery, power(Co-generation) etc.
  2. Utilization of byproducts of the industry.
  3. Improvement on various machineries and appliances.
  4. Improving the various process of manufacture.
  5. Systems of pollution control in sugar, distillery and co-gen.
  6. Holding periodical Seminars / Conventions.


The important activities are:

  1. To hold Annual Convention, Seminars and Workshops in different parts of South India.
  2. Participation in the Seminar / Conventions of International Society of Sugarcane Technologists in different parts of the World.
  3. Publishing SISSTA Sugar Convention and Seminar Proceedings.
  4. To conduct research and development work and review the problems of Sugar Industry.
  5. To send its representation to different committee / panels, etc. constituted by Government of India if required.
  6. To encourage the Technologists by presenting best paper awards of original contribution in all its spheres of activities.
  7. “S.V.Parthasarathy Awards and Memorial Lectures” have been instituted for best cane management in the Sugar Mills.
  8. During every Convention Awards are presented to various sugar factories for the best performance in Cane Development, Technical Efficiency and Co-generation.
  9. Offering felicitations to the stalwarts who have served well for the cause of the Sugar Industry in various fields.
  10. During every Annual Convention starting from 2012 Gold Medal award is proposed to be given to the best Engineering paper in commemoration of Shri J.P. Mukherji. M/s. J.P. Mukherji & Associates Pvt. Ltd., has contributed an Endowment Fund towards this.

    The important activities are:

    1. SISSTA proposes to form a technical cell in all areas of its activity to assist the industry to overcome their problems.
    2. SISSTA proposes to conduct training programmes on all aspects of sugar and allied industries operations. The following are some of the important areas that are being considered.
      1. Finance
      2. Human Resources
      3. Cane
      4. Engineering
      5. Process
      6. Co-generation
      7. Laboratory
      8. Automation – Sugar & Co-Gen
      9. Effluent Treatment
      10. Administration
      11. General – awareness of water & energy conservation, awareness of environmental upkeep, cost consciousness and basic knowledge of civil engineering.

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