The South Indian Sugarcane and Sugar Technologists' Association
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The following awards are presented by the Association

  1. SVP Memorial Awards for best cane development Sugar Mills in each State viz. Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamilnadu.
  2. SISSTA Awards for best performance Sugar Mills in each State viz. Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamilnadu
  3. Best papers awards, from the interest of Endowment Fund contributed by

    (i) M/s. Sakthi Sugars (Rs.25,000).
    (ii) M/s. Ponni Sugars (Rs.25,000).
    (iii) M/s. Kothari Sugars (Rs. 15,000).
    (iv) M/s. Dharani Sugars & Chemicals (Rs.50,000).
    (v)  M/s. Ulka Engineers Pvt. Ltd. (Rs.30,000).
    Gold Medals are awarded for Best Papers and Silver Medals are awarded for Second best papers published in the SISSTA Sugar Journal of the Previous Convention, in each discipline viz. Sugarcane, Sugar Engineering and Sugar Processing and By-Product Industries.
  4. During every Annual Convention starting from 2012 Gold Medal award is proposed to be given to the best Engineering paper in commemoration of Shri J.P. Mukherji. M/s. J.P. Mukherji & Associates Pvt. Ltd., has contributed an Endowment Fund towards this.
  5. In addition to the above awards, M/s. Pandavapura Sahakari Sakkare Karkhane Ltd., Karanataka State, have donated a Rolling Shield in memory of late Shri S.V.Parthasarathy. This Rolling Shield is given only to the factory in Karnataka while the Annual Convention is held in Karnataka, once in 3 years.